• empower yourself with tools to learn to access that infinite source of energy, through meditation techniques balancing left/right sides of the brain, activating the entire brain.
  • Deeper rest/relaxation is achieved than during sleep.
  • Stress hormones are reduced, and levels of endorphins, or ‘happy hormones”, are increased.
  • DHEA, the youth-related hormone is boosted and this helps enhance memory, maintain sexual function, preserve hearing and sight and control weight.
  • The immune system is enhanced. Long-term meditators experience 80% less heart disease and 50% less cancers than non-meditators.

In order to achieve meditation, we must create a strong foundation on the physical level.

Meditation arises in the gap between each thought. Our goal is to extend this gap.

Benefits of the practise of meditation reach to the physical, mental, and emotional. Through its practise the quality of your life is improved.

Consciousness and the Brain –
When we are awake the left hemisphere is active. Closing the eyes brings the right hemisphere into action. Deep meditation activates the whole brain.

The purpose of Meditation is to realize that we are not only the body. Meditation brings the body into a state of rest and relaxation, reduces stress and slows the aging process.

How does it work? – Meditation stimulates the brain to induce a process of healing and relaxation, which involves the release of hormones.

Mind over Matter  – using skills of meditation upon the physical body allows us to change the way we act and feel. It gives us powerful tools for re-scripting painful thoughts and emotions into positive ones.

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